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Surjit Khan


Top Songs of Surjit Khan

Albums Of Surjit Khan
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» Rubb Rakha [Surjit Khan]

» Akhiyan Nu [Surjit Khan] [Single]

» Kacheri (court) [Surjit Khan] [Single]

» Amrit Parchaar [Surjit Khan]

» Sazaa [Surjit Khan] [Single]

» Tun Nachi [Surjit Khan] [Single]

» Truck Union [Surjit Khan] [Single]

» Jhanjran [Surjit Khan] [Single]

» Dil Di Kitaab [Surjit Khan] [Single]

» 51 Case [Surjit Khan] [Single]

» Photo [Surjit Khan] [Single]

» DC [Surjit Khan] [Single]

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Title: Truck Union

Artist: Surjit Khan

Title: Photo

Artist: Surjit Khan

Title: Jatt Di Heer

Artist: Surjit Khan

Title: Kainthe Wala Gabru

Artist: Surjit Khan

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